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Happy New Year to you. We just thought we would mail to say a massive thank you for your kind and honest business back in September. You sold us a 1980 Toyota Hiace campervan. For 3 months she took us everywhere we wanted to go around OZ, nearly 15,000km, before we finished our trip in Sydney. Our van made our trip what it was, absolutely amazing. We were grateful for your help and advice and were able to sell the van successfully in Sydney. Our van owed us nothing as she had earned every penny we paid. However, we were not about to part with her for free and we were pretty happy, to say the least, when we made our money back.

I would like to mention your honest trade to future customers and recommend dealing with you any day of the week! We are looking around in New Zealand for a new van. We will be hard pushed to find a better garage than yours. I would also like to offer a word of advice regarding… [your competitors]. My husband and I found this organisation far too pushy and overpriced. Please save your integrity and walk out of the place before making a decision. The fast talking, hard selling salesman does NOT always know what’s best.

Thanks – all the best for 2006

Best Wishes
Jill and Paul March

We just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for helping us to find our lovely van. We had a fantastic experience buying our van from you. From the time we first looked at the van until the time we sold the van, we felt really looked after. We weren’t pressured into buying and had some excellent adventures and experiences living and travelling in our van (which we called Buzz because of the stripy curtains!)

We were lucky to sell in Airlie Beach for $3100, which was great and more than we had expected. We are now in Cairns and would have been lucky to get $2000 as there is so much for sale here. Buzz has been our house on wheels and we’ve spent quite a lot getting it all homely inside. We worked out how much it has cost us each day, only a few dollars – practically nothing!

I’ve sent you a few pictures, hope you like them. We’ve had so much fun over the past few months and wanted to thank you. My next E-mail is going to be to… [your competitors] and this is going to be a completely different kind of E-mail. If you remember, they wouldn’t give us our deposit back the day after we paid it (even though we later found out that it was illegal for them to do this!) Luckily karma came into it and the van got stolen from the mechanic when it was in for its roadworthy, so we got a full refund! Since leaving Melbourne, we have heard many bad things about them and they cannot continue to take advantage of travelers the way they are now.

Anyway, thanks again for everything.

India and Pete

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